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My Practice

Every detail about a patient very much matters in homeopathy. Therefore, the initial consultation with a classical homeopath may takes upwards of one and half hours. Any information, objective and subjective, has to be determined. You need to be prepared to talk about yourself in detail. You will be asked to view your life, not in isolated instances, but as a whole, to create a portrait-a true-life picture, where all the pieces fit meaningfully together to determine the result. Sometimes what may be thought of as having little importance --say, a recurring dream - may be of great significance in understanding your complete portrait. The classical homeopath is interested in determining your individual essence.

What exactly happens in my practice?

As a classical homeopath, I see clients face to face, or talk over the phone for one and half hours. During that time, I listen to the client's symptom and collect information about its portrait, both physical and emotional. For children, I interview the parents and observe the child. If the child can talk to me, that's great. However, I usually get most of the information by observing the child's behaviors and talking to the parent about recent events and outstanding emotional/physical symptoms.

At the end of the interview, I recommend a homeopathic remedy, which I determine would best assist the individual in their healing process. After the individual has taken the remedy, I monitor their response, and provide guidance to the individual or parent about the resulting healing process.

Illness Is Specific to the Individual

Homeopathy is a wonderfully subtle, often miraculous healing art. Changes often occur that are not usually identified as "therapeutically significant," yet they are important to the homeopath. You will need to keep note of any unusual developments. While there will be obvious changes as your physical condition improves, changes in dream patterns, in your overall emotional state, and in your external life situation, are also important to note. Everything is of interest and all information shared is kept confidential.

If an acute ailment say, a cold or a rash manifests during the course of treatment, you may be advised to wait it through without medication, as treatment at this time could interrupt a deeper healing process. Please advise me of any acute distress.

A session with a homeopathic practitioner is a unique experience for someone accustomed to conventional medicine. For instance, you may suffer from chronic headaches, perhaps migraines. While the conventional medical treatment for this condition is the same for almost everyone (some form of analgesics or anti­​inflammatory), homeopathy recognizes over two hundred symptom patterns associated with headaches, and has corresponding remedies for each.

Patient Responsibility

It is very important that I am kept abreast of your progress. Initially, we will meet on a monthly basis to monitor your progress. Regular follow­ups are an integral part of homeopathic healing. The very best results are only obtained with consistent follow­up appointments. Since homeopathy is so individualized, we will work out a treatment plan that is sensitive to your unique needs. The goal is to set you free to live a life of sustained good health, independent of any medication/drugs.

Credentials Background

I am a classically trained Homeopath. My homeopathic credentials include an HMD degree in Homeopathy. Specifically, I have attended a two-year seminar for training as a Classical Homeopath and Case Management. I am member of the National Center for Homeopathy. My education also includes a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Applied Mathematics. I believe that the true application of homeopathy can achieve total healing on all levels: Mental, Emotional, and Physical. I have been practicing homeopathy since 1992.

I worked in the Aerospace Industries (Boeing, Northrop Grumman companies) over 20 years, prior switching to Homeopathy.

Fee structure

Call to make an appointment. Rates vary.

What is Homeopathy?


The word homeopathy is derived from the Greek words homo meaning "similar", and pathos meaning "suffering". Homeopathy is a natural holistic healing modality that uses extreme dilutions of substances from nature to stimulate a healing response. It is a system of medicine discovered by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, whereby an element that would cause symptoms in a healthy person, is given­ in minute doses­ to someone suffering from those symptoms, to affect a cure. A basic principle of homeopathy is that each human being has vital force, which determines good health. With the gentle prodding of the appropriate homeopathic remedy, this vital force comes into balance and health is restored.

Homeopathy is the oldest medical system in the modem scientific world. Today it is actively pursued all over the world. It is especially popular in Europe, South America, and India. For over a century, the British Royal Physician has been a homeopath. Homeopathy is also a superb method of self care for everyday conditions such as the common cold and flu. Homeopathy has been of tremendous value in reversing diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, skin eruptions, allergic conditions, mental or emotional disorders, especially if applied at the onset of disease.

The Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathic remedies are, for the most part, classified by the FDA as OTC (over-the-counter).

Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe. They are taken from the natural world ­ ­​plants, minerals, and animals. The homeopathic remedies are usually prepared through a process of diluting with pure water or alcohol and successions (vigorous shaking). Homeopathic solutions can be diluted to such an extent that literally no molecules of the original substance remain in the remedy. Yet, in homeopathy, the more dilute it gets the more potent it becomes. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects, do not interfere with the action of pharmaceutical medicines, and are safe to use during pregnancy. A classical homeopath prescribes a single dose of one remedy at a time. By homeopathic principle, only a single remedy can be prescribed at a time and not a mixture of them. A follow­up after four to five weeks will determine the action of the single dose. In my practice, I use only hand­made remedies. Though they cost more, they are very clean and precise.


During your homeopathic treatment some restrictions may apply to each patient, and may vary by individual case. The common restrictions are coffee, peppermint, recreational drugs, camphor, and all menthols.

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